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High-Function Custom Bullet Resistant Solutions for Banks

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Because most banks have similar needs—a secured teller line with bullet resistant windows, secured ballistic doors, and bulletproof fiberglass to reinforce counters—many security companies try and push a one-size-fits-all solution. With decades of experience designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing custom bandit barriers in banks and credit unions, Total Security Solutions knows how rarely this turns out well. Bullet Proof Barriers …

Arch Window System installed at a national bank located in Chicago, Illinois

Small Increase in Bank Robberies, Big Jump in Hostages

Bank Security

When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton famously quipped “Because that’s where the money is.”  Although that quote may be fanciful (in his second memoir—he wrote two—Sutton denied ever actually saying those words), the sentiment remains true.  As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards notes, “The bank is the oldest target there has ever been.  Even as banking changes—and …

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Bullet Resistant Barriers for Texas Banks

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In a given year, Texas alone sees roughly as many bank branches, check cashers, and short-term loan businesses robbed as Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee combined. Year after year, Texas is second only to California in annual bank robberies.

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Bandit Barriers and Relationship Banking

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Financial service businesses are often relieved to discover that a bandit barrier need not be as large an investment as they suspected. In part, many banks initially overestimate what their barrier will cost because they spec out “too much barrier” for their needs. As we’ve mentioned in the past, it is almost certainly the case that you don’t need to worry about stopping an AK-47. For most banking customers, a Level 1 or 2 system (which stops many bullets fired from a wide range of common handguns) will be more than sufficient.

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The 10 Most Secure Locations in the United States

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Specialized security features, like precision temperature control, armed guards and 25-ton nuclear blast doors are part of everyday operations for the world’s most secure locations. Trying to get into (or out of) these modern day fortresses without permission would require the prowess and high tech tools of James Bond, Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt combined

Bank with bullet resistant barrier

Bank Security: Balancing the Priorities of Security Managers, Architects, and Facilities

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A bandit barrier is a grim necessity for both the protection of employees and prevention of criminal interest. According to the FBI’s Bank Crime Statistics, there were 3,961 bank robberies across the United States in 2014. A firearm was used in more than 23% of these robberies, and over 95% of 2014’s bank robberies involved action at the counter. But addressing your bandit …

ATMs: The Big Blind-Spot in Bank Security

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Data breaches, information security, and “cybersecurity” grab the headlines, but bank security officers are still acutely aware of evolving physical security risks–even if the bank board of directors or property managers are not. And one of the most troubling areas for physical security is ATMs. Since regulatory requirements under the security-focused Bank Protection Act totally ignore the existence of ATMs, …

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Bulletproof Glass Security Considerations For Financial Institutions

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It should be pretty apparent why it’s a good idea for bank managers to consider bulletproof glass as part of their overall security plans. Due to many daily transactions that take place inside banks, as well as the allure of a big score, banks are susceptible to violent crime. To maintain optimal safety, while not interfering with the bank staff’s …

Custom Bullet-Resistant Barrier installed at a Texas Bank.

Custom is Standard at Total Security Solutions

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While many of the materials used by security specialists are the same, the comparison ends there. What separates Total Security Solutions from the rest of the industry is our ability to accurately assess your security needs, design a multi-material system that provides the exact level of bullet-resistant security needed, and craft those various materials into a system that seamlessly integrates …