Lego Batmobile Equipped with High-Tech Security Features

Kevlar® is used for its durability and heat resistance on a wide variety of real-world applications, from athletic safety gear to building construction to body armor. Even the U.S. military uses it in their combat equipment. If you want to learn more about Going Batman with Kevlar®, download our free infographic, which highlights actual Kevlar products that provide Batman-like protection in the real world.

Bullet Resistant Panels Can Protect Against Tornados and Hurricanes

school bus that was damaged in a tornado

For a school facility manager, safety is a primary concern. Maintaining a safe school ranges from day-to-day details–taking care of slippery floors, damaged fire-exit crash bars, loose handrails–to planning for disasters. Although disasters come in many forms–from active shooters to extreme weather–some similar strategies can be employed to increase school safety across the board. Many

How DuPont Kevlar Can Turn You Into Batman

Holy Kevlar, Batman©! Sometimes Hollywood gets it right. The high-tensile protective properties of Batman’s equipment have long been attributed to DuPont™ Kevlar®. And while some of his armor is pure pulp fiction (a Kevlar cape won’t stop bullets any better than a shower curtain), many of Batman’s gadgets are a lot closer to reality than

Mother of Bulletproof Kevlar Passes Away, but Legacy Lives On

Stephanie Kwolek, Mother of Kevlar

The bulletproof barrier industry has come a long way since the 1600s, when Prince Rupert’s Drops first emerged in England. While not actually bulletproof, it was discovered that when molten glass is dropped into cold water, it becomes almost indestructible. A few hundred years and a couple accidental discoveries later, bulletproof materials, including bulletproof DuPont™

Taking Custom to a Whole New Level: A High-End Bullet-Resistant Podium

Bullet Resistant Podium

Total Security Solutions prides itself on the ability to do custom bulletproof barriers, from a simple size request to a complex retrofit. But recently we had a first for us in the custom department – a bullet-resistant podium. A major hospital approached us with some basic sketches and overall dimensions, but it was truly a

Proper Installation of Bullet Proof Kevlar Panels

Bulletproof Kevlar

Bullet proof kevlar panel installation is equally as important as the quality of the product itself. TSS VP Jim Richards explains why.