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A Contractor’s Introduction to Bullet Resistant Barriers

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From a contractor’s perspective, a bullet resistant barrier system has four major components: Windows Walls Framing Doors and Passers Bullet Resistant Windows All true ballistic materials have a “UL rating” that indicates how many bullets of what calibers it can be relied on to stop (for example, a “UL-rated Level 3” window will stop at least three shots from a …

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Rigorous Testing Standards Ensure Effective Security

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Total Security Solutions is dedicated to producing high-quality bullet-resistant products that effectively secure your company’s most valuables assets, from the employees behind the counter to the cash in the drawer. We manufacture our bulletproof barriers in-house to stringent specifications, the most demanding in the industry, guaranteeing superior quality. In addition, all of our system components pass rigorous testing, often conducted by multiple …

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Peace-of-Mind for Rural Utility Offices

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Many utility companies and service providers worry that added security will both bog down business and give the customers the impression that workers are trying to separate themselves from their clientele. Many companies do not realize that bullet resistant barrier systems have come a long way in term of design and aesthetics that allow them to blend seamlessly into the existing work environment.

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Not Everyone Needs Protection from an AK-47

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“People end up with this impression that every crime in this country is committed with an assault rifle. Throughout 2015 the big news items included several major public shootings, a lot of protests, and big terrorist attacks in France and elsewhere. In the last six months we’ve seen a significant increase in people looking to go past the standard Level 3 barrier systems, asking for Level 4, 5, 6, and 7 protection. That’s a significant expense—and in every case so far, totally uncalled for.”

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Facility Managers Increase Revenue through Improved Security

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Facility Managers have a lot to worry about. On the one hand, you need to reduce costs while adding value to every property you manage. On the other, FMs must be diligent about maintenance and safety. Whether the building is a sports arena, a university dormitory, a library, or a light industrial office, the top priority remains the same: life safety.  From …

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Protecting Emergency Room Staff

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Life safety is top of mind for any facility manager or administrator, and even more so for those in healthcare. Hospitals and clinics can be high risk workplaces that pose threats from needle sticks, slippery floors, heavy lifting, and disoriented patients. But hospitals are also an increasingly violent place to work, and this fact is taking its toll both on the people …

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Hospital Architecture: Designing for Service and for Safety

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Healthcare projects pose a unique, interlocking set of challenges for architects.  Some the challenges  include complex HVAC requirements, strict regulations and ongoing operational cost containment. These challenges are compounded by limited access to capital—which often falls short when it comes to executing the best engineering solutions. And that’s just the physical systems; the programmatic requirements and realities of daily healthcare operations add …

Entertainment venue facility managers need adaptable security systems to ensure safety for large venues.

Entertainment Venue Safety Means Designing Adaptable Solutions

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Entertainment venues vary from sports arenas to concert halls and convention centers. Venues that cater to many different crowds present many challenges—especially for the folks in charge of managing the building. Entertainment venue safety must be responsive and adaptable. These venues present unique challenges for facility managers, including: The constant flow of people through the building, often including new people who …

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Access Control and Bullet Resistant Systems for Business Continuity and Government Continuity of Operations Planning

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In an emergency, most of us turn to our mobile phones first, to contact loved ones, call for help, or assess how a situation is developing. FEMA (the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency) notes that in recent years cell phones “have been an invaluable resource for disaster survivors.” They even specifically advise using Twitter in an emergency, both to communicate …