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A Contractor’s Introduction to Bullet Resistant Barriers

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From a contractor’s perspective, a bullet resistant barrier system has four major components: Windows Walls Framing Doors and Passers Bullet Resistant Windows All true ballistic materials have a “UL rating” that indicates how many bullets of what calibers it can be relied on to stop (for example, a “UL-rated Level 3” window will stop at least three shots from a …

Bullet Resistant Glass Installation Tips for Contractors

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As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards recently explained, “90% of the contractors we work with, they’ve never done it [installed a bullet resistant barrier] before.”  That’s why TSS offers robust support to contractors: so that even your first installation goes as smoothly as if you’ve done it dozens of times. Tip #1: Phone First All TSS bullet resistant systems ship …

Bullet Resistant Frames

Premium Ballistic Frames Offer Huge Boosts in Sustainability and Multi-Threat Risk Mitigation

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TSS’s thermally improved, Kevlar-reinforced bullet resistant exterior aluminum door and window frame system is calculated to optimize R value, given the needs of a bullet resistant materials. It offers bullet resistance up through UL Level 8, and can accommodate a wide variety of acrylic, polycarbonate, and laminated bullet resistant glazings. “It’s an enormous performance boost, in terms of energy, and ballistic—a true ‘best of both worlds’ scenario.”

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Glaziers: The Feet on the Streets

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Total Security Solutions has installed custom bullet proof barrier systems throughout North America for decades.  Today they are among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States–and they didn’t get there by loading up a truck with bullet resistant glass and driving from town to town. One of the keys to TSS’s success has been partnering with local glaziers and …

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Bullet Resistant Panels Can Protect Against Tornados and Hurricanes

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For a school facility manager, safety is a primary concern. Maintaining a safe school ranges from day-to-day details–taking care of slippery floors, damaged fire-exit crash bars, loose handrails–to planning for disasters. Although disasters come in many forms–from active shooters to extreme weather–some similar strategies can be employed to increase school safety across the board. Many Schools Need Better Protection from …

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Nature Could Hold the Key to the Future of Bulletproof Glass

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Bulletproof glass found its origin in an accidental discovery, but some scientists believe we must look no further than nature to unlock the next stage in high-tech, bulletproof glass. Bullet Resistance in Nature Researchers at MIT have been analyzing the windowpane oyster whose shell is 99% ceramic and 80% transparent. They have observed its ability to withstand multiple hits and …

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Polycarbonate: A Versatile Material

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When we talk polycarbonate, we typically mean bullet-resistant polycarbonate which has a variety of virtues including: a) UL protection levels 1-3; b) Standard abrasion resistant coating for durability; and c) Excellent resistance to forced entry. In fact, a sheet of polycarbonate can withstand an hour of beating with a sledgehammer before it breaks. However, polycarbonate has many other uses outside of the security industry. …

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The Evolution of Architectural Glass

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Clear, tinted, bulletproof, solar, energy efficient – the list goes on. Glass is a staple in both residential and commercial architecture. Not long ago, however, only the wealthy could afford even the most basic glass pane windows. Window Glass Through the Ages Window glass dates back to the Roman era. Windows of this time were made of glassy pebbles and …

Bullet proof glass basics

Bullet Proofing Basics for Architects

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Over the course of decades spent designing, engineering, fabricating, and installing bullet resistant barrier systems, Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has found that there are three aspects of bullet proof design that often trip up architects: Differentiating Among the Levels of Ballistic Protection Understanding Material Constraints Estimating Costs Bullet Resistance Ratings Explained Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) has set the industry …