Bullet Proof Glass for Small­ Business Owners


Family-run pharmacies, 24-hour gas stations/convenience stores, check cashers, jewelers, gold buyers, pawn shops, cell phone stores: Different products, different business models, different customer bases and hours of operations, different regulations, different trade groups—seemingly nothing in common.  But as Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards points out, “different businesses, same security.”  Over the course of decades

Custom is Standard at Total Security Solutions

Custom Bullet-Resistant Barrier installed at a Texas Bank.

While many of the materials used by security specialists are the same, the comparison ends there. What separates Total Security Solutions from the rest of the industry is our ability to accurately assess your security needs, design a multi-material system that provides the exact level of bullet-resistant security needed, and craft those various materials into

The Anatomy of a Fixed Bulletproof Glass Barrier System

bullet resistant barrier

Architects don’t typically work with bulletproof glass in their construction projects, which means that when Total Security Solutions works with an architect, it is often the architect’s first exposure to the materials. With that experiential deficit in mind, we’ve developed an extensive resource gallery  to educate and assist architects with their projects. When working on

Quick Ship Products: The Same Quality Bulletproof Products…Fast

Rotary Package Passer

Forgot to order a transaction window? No problem. Don’t need a custom solution? We can still help. As part of our Quick Ship program, Total Security Solutions offers a variety of standard bullet resistant products available to ship within an average of three business days. Quick Ship products range from cash trays and bullet resistant fiberglass, which

Know Your Systems: Bullet Resistant Deal Drawers

Transaction Drawer

The popular misconception with bullet resistant deal drawers is that you’re basically limited to choosing a threat level, then picking big, medium, or small. Although deal drawers are sold as quick-install drop-in units, there is still every opportunity to customize an ideal solution. SIZE MATTERS WITH DEAL DRAWER When it comes to deal drawers, size


Bullet Proof Rotary Package Passer or Deal Tray

Choosing the correct package passer option for your business is vital to maintaining functionality and maximum employee protection.


According to Total Security Solutions vice president Jim Richards, “Most of the people who buy our deal trays aren’t looking to stop bullets.” This might come as a surprise, but Jim points out that not all businesses that need pass through trays require bullet proof security. For example, most entertainment venues don’t need to stop

The Deal Tray

While you can build a box-style bullet proof deal tray from individual welded sheets of metal, that’s far from the best process: Each of those welded joints is a possible point of failure, and the welding process runs the risk of unpredictably weakening the metal itself. In order to minimize these failure points, top-notch bullet

Cost-Effective Transaction Drawers

Any security system is based on trade-offs: Harder to crack passwords are harder to remember; locking your doors means keeping track of your keys. Bullet proof security is no exception. Bullet proof manufacturers and their clients must make compromises as they design a system that will provide adequate security, not impede worker-client interactions, and stay

Super-Size Package Passers

While most businesses–from banks to Kwik-E-Marts–can transact their business through the standard two-foot-square bullet proof package passer, some workplaces demand more. But modern manufacturing–which focuses so sharply on economies of scale, assembly line automation, and interchangeable parts–often forces every business into one of a few prepackaged solutions. Even worse, these solutions are rarely designed with