Why You Need A Family Emergency Plan

Dad and son holding hands at the lake

Having a family emergency plan will also help your kids cope under pressure, and ensure that critical supplies like extra water, blankets, food, and backup power sources are there when you need them.


Decreasing the Risk of Robbery for Pawn Shops, Check Cashers, and Other Non-Bank Financial Service Providers

Modern looking customer service desk featuring bulletproof glass windows and door

While money service businesses and non-bank financial services both evolved along the same lines as banks (the former handling money transfers while the latter accepts the risk of cashing checks and extending loans), pawn shops are a very different animal, with their own history.

Ballistic Security Solutions for Non-Bank Financial Services Providers

bulletproof windows inside check cashing location

“The modern non-bank financial service business doesn’t look like your old-style mom-and-pop check casher. It’s upscale, a nicer environment for customer and worker, a better place to have as part of your community–and needs to look the part.”

Mobile Ballistic Barriers: A Flexible Solution for Safety and Security Professionals

Bullet Resistant Systems that Satisfy Government Clients

In addition to increasing ballistic security, these barriers significantly increase the physical security of a space or event: At roughly 500 pounds per panel, a well-anchored mobile barrier offers excellent crowd-control, and will even successfully redirect many blasts and thwart improvised antipersonnel and fragmentation-generating devices.

Campaign Trail Security: Protecting The Candidates

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The 2012 presidential election came with a security bill of $113 million dollars. This year’s election security will cost more than $200 million. That’s not taking into consideration any private security detail employed by the candidates themselves.

Physical Security Features that Protect Data Centers

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IT professionals tend to focus on non-physical security features like cryptographic keys and digital certificates. But physical security features are equally important. The first line of defense in protecting software and data is concrete, steel and bulletproof glass.

Ideal Bullet Proof Barrier Systems for Utility Offices

Clark Energy Utility Office Bullet Resistant Barrier

Every day, between 5,500 and 7,600 Americans are victims of workplace violence. Among the workers most at-risk according to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are those who interact directly with the public, handle cash or other payments, have to resolve complaints and disputes arising from overdue utility bills, or carry out enforcement duties

Safety Glass Zoo Enclosures Keep Animals In and Humans Out

kid in a zoo

A recent incident at the Cincinnati Zoo has raised many questions about zoo safety. A young boy was able to gain access to the gorilla exhibit and was dragged around for several minutes before the gorilla was shot. The boy survived with minor injuries. Regardless of events that led up to the child falling into

More Police Stations Offering Locations for Safe Internet Trades

police cars parked in state police parking lot

While summer garage sales are alive and well, many people prefer the convenience of selling their outgrown baby strollers and old gym equipment in online marketplaces. Every day, thousands buy, sell and trade via sites like Craig’sList, Facebook, eBay, EPage, and ClassifiedsGiant. Most of the time, it’s uneventful. However, there is a darker side of internet shopping that

Intro to Bullet Resistant Barriers for Government Projects

City Police Station in Canberra

Today, almost all “bullet proof glass” is made from solid or layered plastics (usually acrylic for lower-level installation, and layers of laminated polycarbonate and glass for situations requiring protection from blasts or higher calibers). Although some care has to be shown in cleaning these plastics, the advantages offered by modern thermoplastics—which transmit light better than comparable bullet-resistant glass products, are highly durable, and cost much less to fabricate and install—make it a clear winner for almost all government installation.