Many sectors need to update their video surveillance strategies and equipment in order to keep employees safe.

Video Surveillance in 2017: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Video surveillance systems have, for years, been excellent tools to protect the safety of your staff and your clients. Updates in technology have served to make them more effective and less expensive at the same time. Newer video systems have capabilities that were only dreamed of in the past. Is it time to update your video surveillance system? Keep these …

every year people try to bring banned items aboard commercial flights; airport security has confiscated thousands of these items

Strange Tales from Airport Security: What Not to Bring On A Plane.

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Flying used to be glamourous. People dressed up, meals were served on china, seats were bigger, cabins more comfy. Today’s travelers are squeezed into cramped quarters, overbooked, asked to remove their shoes at security checkpoints, and in some airports, have their naked images reviewed on a full body scanner. Airport security is now the site of many strange tales.  The …

Rearview close-up of a man wearing polka-dot dress shirt with cell phone to his ear standing in public place

Somebody’s Listening: The Battle Over Cell Site Simulators

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In its broadest terms, wire-tapping refers to covertly monitoring someone’s telephonic activity with the use of a listening device. In its most primitive form, wiretapping involved an actual electrical tap on a physical telephone line, so that someone could listen in.  Today, organizations and individuals on both sides of the law are still listening, monitoring, and spying. However, as phones …

Dad and son holding hands at the lake

Why You Need A Family Emergency Plan

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Having a family emergency plan will also help your kids cope under pressure, and ensure that critical supplies like extra water, blankets, food, and backup power sources are there when you need them.

Secret service agent watching seated crowd

Campaign Trail Security: Protecting The Candidates

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The 2012 presidential election came with a security bill of $113 million dollars. This year’s election security will cost more than $200 million. That’s not taking into consideration any private security detail employed by the candidates themselves.

data center servers with lights on

Physical Security Features that Protect Data Centers

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IT professionals tend to focus on non-physical security features like cryptographic keys and digital certificates. But physical security features are equally important. The first line of defense in protecting software and data is concrete, steel and bulletproof glass.

Clark Energy Utility Office Bullet Resistant Barrier

Ideal Bullet Proof Barrier Systems for Utility Offices

General Security, Municipal Buildings

Every day, between 5,500 and 7,600 Americans are victims of workplace violence. Among the workers most at-risk according to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are those who interact directly with the public, handle cash or other payments, have to resolve complaints and disputes arising from overdue utility bills, or carry out enforcement duties (like cutting off a delinquent …