National Blue Alert System Adoption Slowed By Lack of Funding

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In 2016, firearms related-incidents claimed the lives of 64 police officers — a significant spike from the previous year. In fact, they were the leading cause of death in 2016 for law enforcement officers.  Typically, we hear about officers who are missing, injured or killed on the news and over social media, after the fact. However, the National Blue Alert System …

Repairable transparent bulletproof armor

Scientists Unveil Repairable Transparent Bulletproof Armor

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The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) continues to make remarkable breakthroughs in the development of bulletproof armor. This new transparent thermoplastic elastomer armor is actually a soft, rubber-like material. It is significantly lighter and maintains its clarity after being fired at better than traditional bulletproof glass without compromising its ballistic qualities. The most significant aspect of the discovery, however, is …

Today’s Police Body Armor: Overt, Lighter, Smaller.

Police Safety

As domestic threats continue to increase, so does the need for better protection for law enforcement officers (LEOS). While many advances have been made since the first bullet-resistant vests were developed, it should be noted that the vests worn by most patrol officers or regular duty officers do not stop every type of bullet, nor is any vest entirely bulletproof.