Critical Infrastructure Protection: U.S. Data Centers and Ballistic Barriers

close up of server in server room

As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards recently noted, “data is where the value is,” making data centers an attractive target for a wide variety of bad actors—from teams of criminal hackers to the Kremlin and other foreign agencies. Even seemingly non-critical services—like Twitter—have become vital resources during disasters and emergencies. As off-site data storage

ALICE Training Prepares Schools for Active Shooter Events

School Desk

One of the nation’s first active shooter response programs for schools was born when Greg Cane asked his wife Lisa, a grade school principal, a simple question about the school’s preparedness for  an active shooter event: “What are y’all doing while the police are making their way to the school?” Lisa said that she would

Municipalities Need to Act Fast on 2014-2015 Bullet Proof Projects

bulletproof glass windows

Each July, Total Security Solutions vice president Jim Richards finds himself talking to municipalities. As they approach the end of their fiscal year, these government units discover that they have room left in their budgets that can be applied to long overdue capital improvements. Now is the time to act if you have a fiscal


Shockingly few commercial landlords are really familiar with bullet proof barriers, even though there’s increasing demand for bullet proof windows among tenants common to suburban mixed-use retail centers. Family-owned pharmacies, precious metal buyers, and store-front financial service business that handle check-cashing, short-term loans, and money transfers all want bullet proof security. But just because there’s

Canadian Province Outlaws Bulletproof Cars

British Columbia, Canada, recently passed a law making bulletproof glass in automobiles illegal.  The move targets gangs and organized crime in the province. The law also covers secret compartments and armored vehicle plating. In a quote included in an article on the news site Metro, Solicitor General Rich Coleman explained, “The only reason … to

Australian Federal Police Get Bulletproof Vehicles

The Australian Federal Police recently invested in five armored cars. The vehicles will be used to safely transport national and foreign dignitaries. According to an article in the Canberra Times, the vehicles will be capable of withstanding M16 fire and a blast from some smaller explosions, too.

Police Officer Saved by Bulletproof Vest

At Total Security Solutions, we appreciate any bulletproof barrier that saves a life, especially when it protects someone who’s acting in the line of duty. Earlier this morning, a police officer from Grand Rapids, Mich. was shot during a standoff. The officer credits his bulletproof vest with saving his life. More from WSAW on the

The Popemobile Delivers Bullet Proof Protection!

Bulletproof Popemobile

As Pope Benedict XVI continues his travels through London this week, he’ll hit the streets in his custom vehicle. Dubbed the Popemobile, the vehicle is specially designed to keep the Pope safe, with armor-plating on most of the vehicle and bulletproof glass. The London Daily Mirror reports that, “the Popemobile vehicle was first made famous

Bulletproof Stops Bank Robber

We were delighted to see this story of crime gone bad! KGTV San Diego reported that bulletproof glass thwarted an armed man’s attempt to rob a Bank of America branch last week. Read the recap of the story here. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the robbery attempt and the would-be robber walked away empty

Tougher than bulletproof?

We’re usually all about bulletproof glass and its myriad uses, but this recent news story caught our attention. We think 11 year-old Pietro Pellerito of neighboring Washington Township is the pinnacle of tough! As reported in the Great Lakes IT Report, Pietro learned he had a brain tumor the week before a school math competition