Total Security Solutions offers a variety of bullet proof doors and bullet resistant frames to provide exterior security and control access, enabling jewelers to maintain close interaction with customers while enveloped in bullet proof security.

Stafford’s Diamonds

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Products Used:TSS-BL1.75 Bullet-Resistant Aluminum Frame and Opaque Armor

Located across the street from Dayton Mall, the busiest mall in Ohio, Stafford’s Diamonds sees a lot of traffic. That’s been a real bonus for the firm, one of the nation’s premiere custom jewelry designers and sellers. When it comes to security, Stafford’s leaves nothing to chance. Already equipped with security cameras and alarms, the firm wanted something more proactive. “I have employees and family members working the showroom during the day,” he explained. “It’s not the merchandise you worry about, it’s the potential harm to people you care for. That’s why we decided to beef up security, particularly at the main entrance to the store.” Total Security Solutions consulted with Stafford on a rebuild of the vestibule that separates the showroom from the main street entrance. TSS designed a Level III bullet-resistant barrier system that replaced much of the existing vestibule. “It’s very understated,” Says Stafford. “Most of our customers have no idea that it’s there, but it will stop a .44 Magnum bullet.” But merely stopping a bullet wasn’t all the system was designed to do. TSS integrated a magnetic locking system into the doors that open into the showroom. Every sales representative on the showroom floor has a discrete remote control for the door – if they see anything suspicious, they can deny entry immediately. “The doors also feature traditional floor and overhead bolt throws for off-hours security,” says Ralph Gillespie, who led the TSS design and installation team. “But the magnetic locking system lets anyone in the store respond quickly to a perceived threat.” Gillespie described the new vestibule, which required replacing the original contractor’s glass structure with a new, bullet-resistant one. “The framing is Level III extruded aluminum framing with an anodized bronze finish, and all the glass has been replaced with a 1.25″ ballistic glass (polycarbonate/acrylic composite) that will stop a .44 Magnum bullet. Even the drywall has been beefed up with an opaque armor system of ballistic fiberglass laminate to meet Level III standards.” Gillespie and his installation team had the new vestibule in place and working smoothly three weeks after John Stafford, Sr. approved the design and the costs.

“Total Security Solutions are real pros,” says Stafford. “They did exactly what they said they would do, and their follow-through was great.” - John Stafford, Sr. Stafford’s Diamonds Dayton, Ohio

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