SPE Bullet Resisting Package Passer

The SPE package passer consists of a rectangular steel box with prime painted steel doors. It’s designed to pass small, to medium packages on a moderate to frequent basis, requiring little to no maintenance. A mechanical interlocking mechanism prevents both doors from being opened simultaneously, allowing packages to be passed through a barrier without a breach of security. The SPE is designed to pass small to medium sized packages on a moderate to frequent basis, with a long service life and little or no maintenance.

Ballistic Options

Bullet Resistant Level 1
Bullet Resistant Level 2
Bullet Resistant Level 3

Available Sizes

Typical Standard Size: Box OD 18″ W x 18″ H x 18″ D

Custom sizes manufactured based on maximum package dimensions. Consult factory – 800-513-1468 – for unit sizing. Please contact our sales/engineering department for current pricing and delivery information.



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