Convenience Store with Bulletproof Glass

Alternate Security Options For Convenience Stores

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When working on any bullet resistant barrier project, our client’s ultimate goal is to get a cost-effective barrier solution that is designed to protect their employees as well as look aesthetically pleasing. Because different barrier options work better for specific industries, it’s best to contact one of our design consultants to assess your needs and offer a solution that suits your business needs. As we mentioned previously, when it comes to 24 Hour convenience stores and gas stations, the best solution for you is one of our slider system options. Whether your preference is vertical or horizontal, the slider system will offer optimal protection no matter what time of day it is.

Determining Additional Security Needs For Convenience Stores

View our Architect Case StudyAside from the slider system, your convenience store will need other elements for total security. For instance, if there is a separate cash office, you’ll want to fortify it with a ballistic door. If you’d like to keep it closed and locked all day, it’s also a good idea to include visibility for the person working inside and a pass-through for money and other documents. There are several options available: everything from transaction drawers to rotary passers.

If you don’t know where to start when working on protecting your convenience store, we recommend you read our Case Study. We worked with an architect on his first bulletproof glass gas station project. By partnering with Total Security Solutions, the architect was able to present a cost-effective barrier system to his client that was completely custom, completed on-time, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you need initial advice or a partner to help install your new barrier system, Total Security Solutions is here to help.

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