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Architect Case Study: Assisting With Custom Bullet Resistant Barriers

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View our Architect Case Study

If there’s one thing the employees at Total Security Solutions have learned in their 30 plus years of bulletproof glass experience is that they’re privileged to work in a specialized industry. Working with such a specialized product presents its own set of challenges, but it also comes with a responsibility to make sure architects, contractors, glaziers, or anyone else presented with the task of installing or retrofitting bullet resistant barriers into their structures have all of the assistance and knowledge they need to successfully complete their project.

As a bulletproof glass manufacturer who likes to take a hands-on approach with our customers, it’s important for us to work with them right from the planning stages of their projects. That way, we’ll be able to consult and help throughout the entire lifespan of the project, assisting in identifying potential issues, as well as making the build and install as organized and hassle-free as possible.

We were able to offer this level of expertise and support on a recent piece of new construction for one of our customers. Architect Matthew Riegler from Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. was working on a gas station for one of his larger clients and reached out to us for assistance. As this was his client’s first gas station in a predominantly urban area, it was decided between the client and the Riegler that the construction plans should include bullet resistant elements for added safety and protection for employees and customers alike. As this was Riegler’s first project that required a bulletproof glass component, he turned to Total Security Solutions for additional guidance and assistance. We used our process to guide Riegler from planning through installation.

FTCH Bulletproof Glass Install

Our process included:

  • A collaborative approach
  • Defining project priorities and challenges
  • Recommending custom strategies and solutions

To document this installation and how we partner with our customers from the planning process all the way through installation, we created the following case study. In it, you’ll learn about how Total Security Solutions worked with Matthew to diagnose any issues and work with him to create a superior, and safe, bullet resistant barrier system.

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