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Benefits of Working With a Full-Service Bulletproof Glass Company

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Finishing a Bullet Resistant Barrier Syatem Component.When working on a project that involves a bulletproof glass component, overall barrier safety, functionality, and aesthetics are top of mind for the facility owners. If you’re an architect or contractor, those aspects of the job are important to you as well, but budget and timelines are also just as important. One delay could potentially derail the project causing a domino effect of additional delays, scope changes, and budget creeps. One way to help alleviate potential project delays is to partner with a company that has a team of bulletproof glass experts. Total Security Solutions – a company with decades of experience in the bulletproof glass industry – pairs a full-service manufacturing shop and an installation team to make secure and functional custom bullet resistant barriers that come in on budget and on time.

3 Benefits of a Bulletproof Glass Company with In-house Manufacturing Capabilities

Since the ultimate goal for any bullet resistant barrier is to keep people safe while not hindering their everyday job functions, it’s important for you to partner with a trusted bulletproof glass company, or an architect with bulletproof glass experience. If you don’t, it’s possible to compromise employee safety. Working with a bulletproof glass company with their own in-house manufacturing and millwork capabilities has the additional benefits of reducing overall project cost and turnaround time.

Here are three more reasons to partner with Total Security Solutions, a full-service bulletproof glass company:

Diverse Expertise

Manufacturing the amount of custom bullet barrier solutions that we do gives our production shop the experience and expertise to devise new ways of engineering a barrier to fit your specific needs. This expertise allows us to be confident when working on a more challenging design project because we have the skills to understand any structural limitations and produce a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing bulletproof glass barrier.

Quality Control

By having our own manufacturing shop, we control every aspect of the project. This allows us to engineer the barrier components in a way that holds up to our strict quality standards. There also won’t be an issue of subcontracted work not being compatible with the components we manufacture in-house. Because we manufacture everything, we control each step of the process – ensuring a high level of quality control.

One-Stop Shopping

There’s a level of comfort that exists when working with a company that can handle your project from the initial planning stages to all the way through to installation. Working with bulletproof glass is our specialty, so we like to get involved from the beginning to save our customers the time and headaches associated with working on a project with unfamiliar components. We understand structural limitations and what is needed to support the weight of bulletproof glass, so we can make design recommendations to optimize the safety, functionality, and the look of your barrier. After the planning and design phase, our shop manufactures every element to exact specifications. From there, you can either choose to install the bullet resistant barrier system yourself, or have the Total Security Solutions installation team do it for you. Most installs can be completed in one overnight shift without disrupting the flow of business. If, for instance, changes need to be made in the field due to unforeseen circumstances (such as fire code issues), an experienced bulletproof glass installer will be able to make adjustments on the job. Without that level of experience, it’s possible issues like these could delay the project and add unnecessary additional costs to your budget. Additionally, when working with a full-service company like Total Security Solutions for every aspect of your project, you won’t have to worry about delays caused by multiple project subcontractors, which ultimately saves you time and money.

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