Arch Window System most Commonly used Bullet Resistant Barrier


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When a bank or credit union decides to install bullet proof barriers in its facility, they have many different options to choose from. The most common barrier system installed in major retail banks is the Arch Window System. Other barrier systems include Baffle Window, Secure Sound, and Speak Hole and Backer. All four types of bullet resistant barriers provide financial institutions, convenience stores, and government facilities UL Level 1-3 security without obstructing staff/customer interaction. All barriers can also be customized to include cash trays, both counter-mount or recessed.

The oldest bulletproof barrier is the Baffle Window System. Dating back nearly forty years, this system provides unobstructed views through the use of staggered pieces of bullet-resistant glass and also offers natural voice transmission. The Arch Window System was designed approximately 15 years ago to update the Baffle Window concept and improve voice communication.  The Secure Sound System wasn’t developed until four or five years ago and enhances voice communication even further.

Ultimately, a bank or credit union’s bullet resistant barrier selection is based on personal preference. Each barrier system offers a slightly different architectural appeal enabling financial institutions to customize their facility.

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