Big Bullet Proof Companies Connecting with Local Markets

Bulletproof Products

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With just a few top-notch bullet proof companies dominating the North American market, one might expect that a few cities enjoy excellent security, leaving the rest of us at the mercy of gun-totting malcontents.
Total Security Solutions partners with glaziers and glass houses around the country to offer installation anywhere.  TSS works with the client and glazier to design a bullet resistant system, and then produces a kit that the local glazier can install in just an hour or two. This kit arrives on a single pallet, with all of the precision measured, cut, and drilled materials, plus detailed instructions.  Even in the case of a retrofit there is rarely a disruption in business, and almost no mess.

A Bullet Proof Win-Win

This arrangement is advantageous to everyone: The customer doesn’t have to absorb the cost of TSS’s technicians flying out to their site, and the glass house is able to expand their offerings without taking on the cost of new equipment and training.  TSS vice president Jim Richards notes “no one wants to get into a $1000 piece of acrylic and do it wrong.”

A local glass house will only do a bullet resistant installation every now and again, whereas TSS has specialized in bullet resistant products for more than 30 years. To Jim, the scrap from today’s project might be the perfect solution to tomorrow’s problem, while a local glazier working on his own is either going to charge the customer for a whole sheet when only 3/4 goes into the job, or absorb the cost of that leftover material himself. “I only charge for what they need, not what’s left over.”

Jim has found that glaziers are eager to join in these sorts of strategic partnerships with an established bullet proof company. “It’s a win-win: Immediately, they become credible as a bullet proof installer, and they see profits both from marking up the finished product and their labor.”  A symbiosis develops: local glaziers send leads to TSS when customers express a need for bullet resistant security, and TSS can furnish the technical drawings vital to client presentations and building permit applications. Few top bullet proof companies are staffed to offer the customer service and technical support required to make this cooperation work and bring professional bullet proof systems to any locale.

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