Bullet-Resistant Barriers Installed

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After the planning and production processes are complete, we are ready to install your bullet-resistant barrier. Our accuracy in the initial phases makes for an efficient, mess-free installation.

Bullet-Resistant Barriers installationYour bulletproof products will be carefully packaged and shipped to your facility by truck.  Total Security Solutions can begin working shortly after your business closes for the evening or on Saturday so as to minimize the inconvenience to you and your customers. For many installations, we can be in and out within a single night. And we’ll have your facility cleaned up and ready for normal business hours.

Recently, Total Security Solutions launched a channel on YouTube.com to enable customers to watch the bullet resistant barrier installation process firsthand. Currently, we have featured installation videos for our Secure Sound Bulletproof Barrier System and our Vertical Slider.

Read more about our installation process or contact us at info@demandtss.com or 1-800-513-1468.

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