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Bulletproof Glass InstallationWhen you start thinking about purchasing bulletproof glass or a complete custom bullet resistant barrier system, one of the first questions that may arise involves installation. Do you want to install your own glass? If so, do you know how? For most standard jobs like single transaction windows or new construction, the answer to that question is probably yes. If you’re working on a retrofit job or one that includes a custom barrier solution, it might be best to consult with someone with experience working with bullet resistant materials. They understand how to handle each element and can troubleshoot in the field if any install issues arise. At Total Security Solutions, we pre-fab ever barrier we produce and ship with general instructions.

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of our products, it’s hard to create customized instructions for each barrier we ship out the door. That, along with the fact our perfectionist nature extends to the projects we install, is why we have an installation team that installs barriers across the country. If you’re getting a bullet resistant barrier system from Total Security Solutions and are unsure of your ability to install in such a way to guarantee aesthetics and safety, please work with our professional team of advisors while your barrier is in the planning stage. If, after speaking with them, you determine it’s best for Total Security Solutions to handle the install, we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

Bulletproof Glass Installation White Paper CoverAfter going through Planning and Production, bulletproof glass and barrier Installation is the final stage in our three-phased approach to barrier manufacturing. To help you understand the installation process more, we’ve created a free white paper called A Phased Approach, Stage 3: Installation.

With Our Bulletproof Glass Barrier Installation White Paper, You’ll Learn About:

  • Installation Logistics
  • The Total Security Solutions Install Team
  • Installation Do’s and Don’ts
  • Barrier Maintenance
  • And More…

Download the Bullet Resistant Barrier Project White Paper Today!

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