Bulletproof Steel Doors Add Increased Security to Bullet Resistant Barriers

When installing a bulletproof barrier, it is important to analyze all weak points of your facility, including transaction windows and doors. Total Security Solutions offers a wide variety of bullet resistant doors, including acrylic doors, aluminum frame doors, transactional doors, wood doors, and most recently, steel doors. The all-steel bulletproof door comes pre-hung on a steel frame and can be customized with peepholes, view windows, and door scopes.

Our bulletproof doors enable access to staff areas as required and even meet ADA standards. They work hand-in-hand with the complete bullet resistant barrier to provide a safe and secure work environment for employees of banks, credit unions, convenience stores or police stations. All available bullet proof doors provide Level 3 security according to the Standard UL Protection Level Ratings.

While we do offer custom sizes for its bullet resistant steel doors, standard bullet proof steel doors are 3’x7’. The bullet resistant steel door also comes standard with a heavy-duty continuous hinge, deadbolt lock sets with thumb turns and cylinders, and a LCN closer.

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