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After suffering through the pitfalls of working with a subpar bulletproof glass partner, Bill Sewell of Sewell Construction knew that finding a new supplier was a critical imperative.  Sewell’s business was built on a reputation for quality, and not meeting customer expectations is a threat to that reputation.

Sewell’s work on the Knoxville Police Station has been ongoing for last several years.  Initially, his team installed bulletproof glass along a main entrance to the facility.  This initial install was a disaster.

“I didn’t use Total Security Solutions for that initial bulletproof project and suffered the consequences,” Sewell explained.  “The product was late, poorly packaged and of poor quality.  There was a one-month lag time between when I needed the bulletproof glass and when it arrived, even though the supplier knew of my deadline.  When the product finally arrived, it was so poorly packaged the speakers in the glass were broken and the glass itself was scratched.”

“The poor quality cost me time, money, and prestige,” Sewell added.

Sewell waited another full month before getting replacement glass from his supplier.  “The packaging on the replacement product was still poor and the glass was scratched,” he said.  “To add insult to injury, despite my complaints and hassles, that contractor never followed up to rectify the problem.”

To finish the work at the police station, Sewell turned to Total Security Solutions.

“I sent Total Security Solutions very specific instructions and dimensions,” Sewell said.  “Even though this was a complicated job, I received the product in less than two weeks.  It was the exact size that I ordered and packaged so that my team could easily install it the day that it arrived.”

Sewell’s business depends on word of mouth referrals.  “Quality is very important to my business,” he said.  “I have a reputation for providing top quality specs and quality on every single project.  My reputation depends on my suppliers: They need to be able to do what the client asks and get it right, every time.”

“Total Security Solutions may not be the biggest name in bulletproof glass, but they are definitely the leader in quality and customer service,” Sewell said.  “There’s no other supplier that I’ll use for bulletproof glass now that I’ve found Total Security Solutions.”

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