A Better Backglazing Window System for Enhanced Office Security

Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors, Bulletproof Products

Not every building that needs bullet-resistant windows can easily install them. For example, a building like the White House needs to protect occupants, but doesn’t want to sacrifice the structure’s historic character. Similarly, the upper-story offices of a government building might warrant the addition of bulletproof glazing that can stop …

Utility Office

Modern Bulletproof Glass Barriers for High Traffic Municipal and Utility Offices

Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors, Bulletproof Products, Municipal/Utilities/Government

Designing a bulletproof glass barrier system for city or municipal offices means striking a balance. On one hand, it is absolutely vital that local government be accessible to every member of the community—including those who face challenges with mobility, speech, hearing, or communication. On the other hand, the public servants …

Bulletproof Security Design and Installation Support for Glaziers and Contractors

Bulletproof Security Design and Installation Support for Glaziers and Contractors

Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors, Bullet-Resistant Barriers, Bulletproof Doors

People generally assume that bad news is good news for the physical and bulletproof security industries. But Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards has found that the news cycle has less impact than people think. TSS might see a spike in inquiries following some mass violence or unrest that gets …

Crisis Architecture

Architecture Design for Crisis Mitigation and Crime Prevention

Architect Info, Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors

Late last year, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Tadd Lahnert introduced the concept of Crisis Architecture. In their words: “[Crisis architecture] incorporates integrated tactical, psychological, and technological security measures, while preserving the function and aesthetics of buildings to which these measures are applied. The focus of this paradigm is designing the built …