Is Unbreakable Glass the Same as Ballistic Glass?

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Unbreakable window glass (also known as shatterproof glass) is proclaimed to be the original bulletproof glass. It gets its reputation as “unbreakable” due to the unique way it crumbles upon impact, collapsing into small, harmless pebbles instead of sharp, cutting pieces. Today, this type of security glass pales in comparison …

Retail Security and Workplace Violence: Retail Workers Face "More Aggression in General"

Retail Security and Workplace Violence: Retail Workers Face “More Aggression in General”

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Over the last few years, retail security has made an increasing number of headlines. The work has become disproportionately dangerous—and disproportionately violent. A traditional “dangerous” job is dangerous because of the nature of the work itself. Think about agriculture, construction, lumbering, trucking, or commercial fishing. These are outdoor jobs. Those …

Bulletproof Glass Installation: Experience Counts

Bulletproof Glass Installation: Experience Counts

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An increasing number of physical security companies—and even traditional builders—are offering bullet-resistant components and security design. But it’s rare they handle their own bulletproof glass installation. Instead, they rely on an “installation network”—in other words, they subcontract the final installation to local glaziers and contractors. While these may be excellent …

Bulletproof Glass Door

Glass Door Security Options: Developing an All-Glass Bulletproof Door

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“Frameless” all-glass doors are broad and inviting—practically the standard for modern offices. It’s important to know, however, that startlingly few glass door security options both fit and meet aesthetic demands while still providing significant safety. In fact, it wasn’t until the last few years that frameless all-glass ballistic security doors …