Bulletproof Glass Door

Glass Door Security Options: Developing an All-Glass Bulletproof Door

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“Frameless” all-glass doors are broad and inviting—practically the standard for modern offices. It’s important to know, however, that startlingly few glass door security options both fit and meet aesthetic demands while still providing significant safety. In fact, it wasn’t until the last few years that frameless all-glass ballistic security doors …

Bulletproof Materials and Components

Picking Bulletproof Materials and Components to Create Comprehensive Solutions for Small Offices

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You have five key considerations when looking at bulletproof materials and components in order to secure a small office setting: Windows Walls and Counters Communication Package Passers/Receivers Doors Although there is an intimidatingly broad array of options, almost every small office environment is well served by just a few easy …


Sneeze Guard Barriers Provide Added Protection from COVID-19

Bullet-Resistant Barriers

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic puts new emphasis on safety during face-to-face interaction between front-line employees and customers. As Total Security Solutions clients grapple with how to protect employees providing vital services, our bulletproof security barriers double as another line of defense against invisible viruses spread through moisture droplets from coughs …