Testing Bullet Resistant Glass

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All bulletproof glass systems sold in the United States are “UL-rated” –that is, they are tested to the rigorous “Standard of Safety for Bullet-Resisting Equipment” (aka “UL-752”) established by Underwriters Laboratory (the nation’s leading third-party product safety certification agency). Although there are several competing standards for bulletproof safety, most US …

Some gun store owners are looking to increase gun store security in order to increase safety or comply with the local gun-range ordinances.

Increasing Gun Shop Security With Bulletproof Protection

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According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), since 2012 “there has been significant increases in the number of robberies and burglaries from FFLs [federal firearm licensees, which include gun shops, manufacturers, and importers], as well as significant increases in the number of firearms stolen during these …

Some businesses are misrepresenting window security film as bulletproof film, when there is no such thing.

Window Security Film Doesn’t Stop Bullets

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Once again, we’re hearing a lot about security film for windows. Schools are especially interested in these films, which are often advertised as a viable DIY bullet-proofing solution for facilities with tight budgets. However, while window security film can be part of a comprehensive plan to harden your building security, it …

Working quickly to deliver a custom bulletproof barrier on both coasts and temporary ballistic barriers at a private home for a visiting foreign dignitary

How Fast Can You Make A Custom Bulletproof Barrier?

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This past spring Total Security Solutions was contacted about a novel custom bulletproof barrier project. The client was a very high-profile foreign dignitary. The dignitary would be working and staying in a variety of locations across the United States – some of which badly need a security upgrade. Two of these …

San Francisco Passport Center featuring bulletproof glass arch windows

When to Replace Bulletproof Glass?

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Bulletproof glass is a serious consideration for any business or facility, and it is also a long-term investment. After the initial installation, your bulletproof glass should last for many years. In general, there are only four reasons you would need to replace ballistic glass.  Let’s take a look. Bulletproof Glass Replacement …