Bulletproof Glass for Small­ Business Owners

Bulletproof Products, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

Family-run pharmacies, 24-hour gas stations/convenience stores, check cashers, jewelers, gold buyers, pawn shops, cell phone stores: Different products, different business models, different customer bases and hours of operations, different regulations, different trade groups—seemingly nothing in common.  But as Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards points out, “different businesses, same security.” …

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Small Businesses: An Ounce of Prevention Is More Affordable Than You Think

Bulletproof Products, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

Total Security Solutions understands the pressures on small and mid-sized businesses.  Security measures like bulletproof glass, bullet resistant counters, bulletproof package passers, and bulletproof transaction windows might seem like extra expenses that are hard to justify. But constantly worrying about the safety of your workers isn’t a great alternative.  Total …

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Importance of Testing Standards For Convenience Store Bulletproof Barriers

Bulletproof Products, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

We manufacture our bulletproof barriers in-house to stringent specifications, the most demanding in the industry, guaranteeing superior quality. But we don’t just stop there. All of our system components pass rigorous testing, often conducted by multiple standards agencies. We’re confident that our bulletproof barriers will not be compromised by the …

Convenience Store Bulletproof Barrier

Minimize Convenience Store Workplace Interruptions with Overnight Installs

Bulletproof Products, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

Total Security Solutions understands the unique security challenges of convenience stores and gas stations. We recommend using a Horizontal or Vertical Slider System in convenience stores because it allows for adjustable security options without compromising customer interactions. Most convenience stores use UL Level 1 rated glass in their barriers, but …