low cost school safety security improvements

Low-Cost School Safety and Security Improvements


Every politician and administrator in America is under increasing pressure to improve school safety and security. The result? An avalanche of well-intentioned seminars, dubious “security” products, questionable laws, and controversial policies. And still, there are scarce additional dollars available to support improvements in school safety.  Fortunately, some of the highest …

School safety concerns have prompted some school districts to take a second look at using bulletproof safe rooms, originally used for severe weather, as part of their school safety strategy for active shooter preparedness

Repurposing Bulletproof Safe Rooms for School Security


What started as a way to keep school kids safe in tornado-prone Oklahoma has grown into a larger debate about hardening school security. Since 2013, after a deadly tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma, killing seven elementary school students, districts across the state have installed dozens of tornado safe rooms – …

all hazards approach school safety

An All-Hazards Approach to School Safety


School safety is always front and center. According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, school safety is among the determining factors for both parents and students switching schools. A recent report from Axios found that 68 percent of “Generation Z” (the post-Millennial generation) say that “school shootings are the most …

Using school door barricade devices is controversial because these devices could prevent individuals with disabilities and, under some circumstances, even persons who don’t have any disabilities from evacuating a building during an emergency, such as a fire.

Safety Concerns About School Door Barricades


In December of last year Campus Safety magazine announced that they would immediately stop accepting advertising dollars from companies whose school door barricades fall short of safety and accessibility standards. As Campus Safety noted in their announcement, “these devices … could prevent individuals with disabilities and, under some circumstances, even …

Although facial recognition technologies have an established track record in several markets, no system is perfect, and time will tell if its use in schools keeps students and staff safer.

Using Facial Recognition Technologies for School Safety

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As students head back to school in the coming weeks, they may have to adjust to more than new teachers and piles of homework. Many will encounter beefed-up security procedures – adding school resource officers or new access control or video surveillance and facial recognition technologies designed to keep them safe. This year’s tragic …

Many school security products seen on TV or in the media, such as bulletproof whiteboards and bulletproof backpacks are untested and not proven to be a useful solution in the event of an active shooter.

Advice For Teachers and Families About School Security Products


According to most sources—including the National Crime Prevention Council, the U.S. Justice Department, and the U.S. Department of Education—school security is at an all-time high.  Over the last several decades the rate at which children are victimized at school (bullied, robbed, physically assaulted, etc.) has plummeted. But by some measures the …

School safety experts can work with school districts to analyze big data that can uncover ways to prevent and mitigate school shootings.

Using Big Data to Prevent and Mitigate School Shootings


In the United States, school shootings resulting in injury or death are now a weekly occurrence. In 37% of these attacks someone dies. Just in the last five years, we’ve seen a total of 160 school shootings resulting in 59 deaths and 124 non-fatal injuries. By contrast, fires are 76 times more common …

bulletproof school entryway featuring doors and windows that fit into modern building design.

Bulletproof School Entryways Prevent Shootings And Other Threats


Even though he has worked with schools for decades, helping them enhance their security and reduce threats, and consulting on bulletproof school entryways, Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards is still sobered by the latest numbers: School shootings resulting in injury or death are now happening weekly in the United States. …

school metal detectors are being evaluated in many districts as part of a larger access control and school security program.

Do Metal Detectors Make Sense for Your School District?


The tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary five years ago marked a significant turning point for school safety. It prompted a surge in building modifications across the nation as school officials worked hard to revamp their safety programs and control access to their facilities. The Sandy Hook incident sparked a tremendous …