bulletproof school entryway featuring doors and windows that fit into modern building design.

Bulletproof School Entryways Prevent Shootings And Other Threats


Even though he has worked with schools for decades, helping them enhance their security and reduce threats, and consulting on bulletproof school entryways, Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards is still sobered by the latest numbers: School shootings resulting in injury or death are now happening weekly in the United States. …

school metal detectors are being evaluated in many districts as part of a larger access control and school security program.

Do Metal Detectors Make Sense for Your School District?


The tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary five years ago marked a significant turning point for school safety. It prompted a surge in building modifications across the nation as school officials worked hard to revamp their safety programs and control access to their facilities. The Sandy Hook incident sparked a tremendous …

Bulletproof safe rooms in schools are just one way to guard against severe weather

Bulletproof Security Keeps Students Safe from Mother Nature


For Atoka Elementary, located in Oklahoma, student safety is paramount. Because of its location, the school regularly faces the threat of severe weather. The school board purchased six bulletproof safe rooms, placing them in areas throughout the school. Installing these rooms is just one way the school is taking proactive precautions on possible threats …

Bulletproof doors and windows at entrance of San Antonio school building

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Comprehensive School Security Systems


As school administrators and school security professionals begin to consider security upgrades, budgeting and planning tend to be front of mind.  “But there are some pitfalls to keep in mind,” Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards notes, “background assumptions or biases that sometimes get administrators off course, and lead to some bad …

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Rising Security Concerns for Jewish Community Center Schools and Daycares


According to data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Hate Crime statistics, over the last five years the U.S. has averaged around 120 anti-Semitic “intimidation” crimes per year. Although it’s difficult to determine what portion of those are bomb threats (the FBI’s publicly available statistics are limited), it appears that there are usually fewer than two dozen JCC-targeted bomb threats in a given year. By contrast, on January 9 and 18 of this year American JCC’s experienced dozens of bomb threats—those two days alone accounted for roughly twice as many JCC-targeted bomb threats as all of 2015.

Roof of School Bus close up

5 Questions Parents Should Ask About School Security


Public and private schools in the U.S. take the threat of school violence very seriously hiring school resource officers to keep both students and staff safe in school, installing bullet resistant barriers in schools, and training both students and staff members on procedures to follow should an active shooter situation arise in, around or near their school.

millbrook 2nd floor project area

Architecture Facilitates Learning

Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors, Education

The notion of collaborative learning is becoming increasingly popular in primary and secondary education. Schools are moving away from teacher-centric learning highlighted by long lectures and moving toward more active learning, where students work in small groups to learn hands-on and serve both as the student and teacher.

two story school building with many windows

School Security and Access Control for Architects

Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors, Education

Schools often come in initially asking about very extensive Level 5 to 8 systems (which explicitly address the threat of high-powered ammunition and assault weapons). A level 5 to 8 system would likely include blast-rated and bullet resistant exterior windows capable of stopping very powerful ammunition and blasts, bullet proof doors throughout the facility, and so on.
Such high-level systems are prohibitively expensive, and also entirely unnecessary