Custom Bulletproof Systems For City Offices

Bullet Resistant Systems that Meet Government Requirements

Municipal Buildings

Working so closely with government agencies has given the TSS design team a rare opportunity to hone their skills guiding government clients to the right system for their facility. As Bob George explains, “Many government clients come in saying hey, we want Level 8, we want the highest. We get that all the time, and then you have to talk them down. The fact is, we very rarely do anything above Level 5. Level 3 is realistic for most government barrier systems.

ballistic barriers for government buildings

Choosing Ballistic Barriers for Government Buildings

Municipal Buildings

Today, almost all “bullet proof glass” is made from solid or layered plastics (usually acrylic for lower-level installation, and layers of laminated polycarbonate and glass for situations requiring protection from blasts or higher calibers). Although some care has to be shown in cleaning these plastics, the advantages offered by modern thermoplastics—which transmit light better than comparable bullet-resistant glass products, are highly durable, and cost much less to fabricate and install—make it a clear winner for almost all government installation.

Bulletproofing on Government Jobs

The Complexities of Bulletproofing on Government Jobs

Municipal Buildings

Government construction contracts are big jobs with lots of trades involved: electricians, plumbers, teams of carpenters and roofers, and more. In the scope of such a huge job, the bullet resistant portion is likely fairly small–just a couple entryways, maybe a reception area or some exterior windows. But these government …

Custom Bulletproof Systems For City Offices

Government Construction Jobs and Bulletproof Subcontractors

Municipal Buildings

Many experienced government building contractors are hesitant to pick up projects that require a bullet resistant barrier. The high expectations and detailed specifications and regulations that come with any government contract can be headache enough, let alone the responsibility of building a facility that can resist highly motivated attackers. Even …

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Architecture and Design for Today’s Schools: Secure and Inviting

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Architects are increasingly asked to consider security—and especially ballistic security—when designing or renovating schools. And they’re rising to this challenge. Whether the project is for an elementary school or a university, and whether it is a retrofit or new construction, safe and cost-effective designs are emerging. That said, architects still …