Bulletproof barriers have become more common in police stations due to a spike in ambush attacks on law enforcement

Bullet Proof Glass for Courthouses and Police Stations

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For almost two decades OSHA—the Occupational Health and Safety Administration—has recommended that late ­night convenience stores install bullet resistant glass barriers. As of 2004 OSHA also called for shatter­proof and bullet resistant glass 24­ hour hospital reception and triage areas, as well as pharmacies. But OSHA has remained silent when …

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Enhancing Police Station Bullet Proof Systems

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Retrofitting a police station with bullet proof glass–or replacing the existing bullet proof glass system with something more modern–is generally more complicated than integrating a bullet resistant system into new construction. But “complicated” doesn’t have to mean “difficult.” According to Total Security Solutions vice president Jim Richards, with careful preparation …

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Come See Total Security Solutions at These Upcoming Trade Shows

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Total Security Solutions will have an increased presence at trade shows, conferences, and expositions throughout 2014. Bullet resistant barriers are an important component to any comprehensive security plan, so it’s important for us to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of bulletproof glass. We already have a …

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3 Tips for assessing the security needs of a municipal building

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Whether you have a stand-alone courthouse building, or one that is part of a larger municipal complex, we have the following tips to assess and address your security needs when you’re considering a bullet resistant barrier system.