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Security Remodels To Address the New Retail Reality


For retail security, there’s every sign that 2022 will be a continuation of recent trends. In a February 2021 presentation for ISC Security and the jewelry industry trade group JCK Pro, Rob Reiter, co-founder of the Storefront Safety Council, warned retailers that: “The notion that safe and secure is no …

The History of Bulletproof Glass


Winter is a popular time to take a tropical getaway and enjoy a white sandy beach. What you may not know is that common beach sand is actually the primary ingredient in the creation of glass. It’s also the start of the history of the glass timeline that takes us …

Banks and Bulletproof Glass in 2022


According to Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards, 2022 is looking a little different for bulletproof glass and security within banks.  “Some things are the same,” Jim notes. “We continue to see areas of population growth also being areas where there is a higher demand for bank security. But there …

Bulletproof Glass Door

Bulletproof Glass Doors for Modern Offices

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“Frameless” all-glass doors are broad and inviting, making them practically the standard for modern offices. Despite these developments in interior design, startlingly few bulletproof doors meet current aesthetic demands while still providing significant safety. In fact, it wasn’t until the last few years that “frameless” bullet-resistant doors were available on …

The New Normal

The “New Normal” and Post-Coronavirus Workplace Safety

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Workplaces across the United States begin to reopen this month. There are four factors that are likely to have a disproportionate impact on the “new normal” for workplace safety: economic distress domestic violence increased gun sales the virus itself Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards points out that the stress …