[VIDEO] How to Stop a Bullet: A Ballistic Systems Approach


No single ballistic item provides adequate protection on its own. A systems approach is the best way to protect your people and property. In this video, we will take a look at common areas of a building where bullet-resistant systems are used.

[VIDEO] Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Government Facilities


In this webinar we discuss best practices for enhancing security within government facilities and show a live-fire product demonstration on our Level 3 rated LP1250 BR glazing and ballistic fiberglass. Learn more about government security here: https://www.tssbulletproof.com/industries/government/

[VIDEO] Live-Fire Product Demonstration – Corporate Offices


Our Total Security Solutions experts talk about the best practices for corporate offices and distribution facilities and see a live-fire product demonstration with a piece of level 3 glazing, laminated polycarbonate acrylic. Learn more about security solutions for corporate offices here: https://bit.ly/2ZhnpVU

Bulletproof Accessories

[VIDEO] Ballistic & Bulletproof Accessories


When designing a custom bulletproof system, we always consider what essential functionalities are required for your team to work well while staying safe. To accommodate these needs, we’ll incorporate ballistic accessories such as: Currency trays Package passers Pass-through drawers Overhead louvers Voice transmission hardware Watch this video to learn which …

Bullet-resistant Framing

[VIDEO] Bullet-Resistant Framing Systems


Doors and windows are inherent weak spots in any security system, and selecting the correct framing system for your entryways is crucial to ensure protection. When choosing a bulletproof frame, there are 3 major considerations you should take into account: Perceived threat level Level of protection required Budget In this …

Installing Ballistic Barrier Systems

[VIDEO] Installing Ballistic Barrier Systems


Our comprehensive approach to creating custom ballistic barriers is what sets us apart in our industry. When you work with TSS, we begin with an in-depth consultation to determine what bullet-resistant solutions you need, followed by expert design, fabrication, and installation services. Our proven process has resulted in thousands of …