Bulletproof Accessories

[VIDEO] Ballistic & Bulletproof Accessories


When designing a custom bulletproof system, we always consider what essential functionalities are required for your team to work well while staying safe. To accommodate these needs, we’ll incorporate ballistic accessories such as: Currency trays Package passers Pass-through drawers Overhead louvers Voice transmission hardware Watch this video to learn which …

Bullet-resistant Framing

[VIDEO] Bullet-Resistant Framing Systems


Doors and windows are inherent weak spots in any security system, and selecting the correct framing system for your entryways is crucial to ensure protection. When choosing a bulletproof frame, there are 3 major considerations you should take into account: Perceived threat level Level of protection required Budget In this …

Installing Ballistic Barrier Systems

[VIDEO] Installing Ballistic Barrier Systems


Our comprehensive approach to creating custom ballistic barriers is what sets us apart in our industry. When you work with TSS, we begin with an in-depth consultation to determine what bullet-resistant solutions you need, followed by expert design, fabrication, and installation services. Our proven process has resulted in thousands of …

Custom Bulletproof Systems

[VIDEO] Total Security Solutions Custom Bulletproof Systems


TSS is the only national manufacturer of bulletproof barriers that offers end-to-end consulting and custom ballistic barrier system design. We’re able to retrofit any building with security systems that protect employees, match interior aesthetics, and modernize your space. When it comes time to install, we complete most installations in just …

Corporate Safe Rooms

[VIDEO] Corporate Safe Rooms – How to Enable Your Existing Spaces


We increasingly see personal (instead of economic) motivations at play in violent workplace altercations. This adds an extra challenge to securing corporate offices, as attackers are often someone familiar with easy access to your building. So how do you protect your team? Corporate safe rooms can be installed in almost …

Voice Transmission

[VIDEO] TSS Ballistic Windows – Voice Transmission


Whenever a new ballistic barrier system is installed, communication can be compromised if the proper voice transmission hardware isn’t in place. This creates the possibility of awkward conversations and uncomfortable customers or patients. At TSS, we provide several ballistic options for effective, natural voice transmission, allowing for effortless communication with …

4 Components of a Successful School Safety Plan

[VIDEO] Four Components of a Successful School Safety Plan


All schools need a firm plan to control access to their facility and protect students and staff in the event of a shooting, weather emergency, or other violent threat. Successful school safety plans focus on these four components: Awareness Training Access Control Physical Security Learn how putting these practices into …

Mobile Barrier Assembly

[VIDEO] VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier Assembly


Our VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier is a high quality, acrylic sneeze guard that ships directly to you and can be assembled in minutes. It is designed to be a moveable solution that blocks the spray of bodily fluids such as human sneezes and coughs. This non-bulletproof, mobile barrier can move …