Voice Transmission

[VIDEO] TSS Ballistic Windows – Voice Transmission


Whenever a new ballistic barrier system is installed, communication can be compromised if the proper voice transmission hardware isn’t in place. This creates the possibility of awkward conversations and uncomfortable customers or patients. At TSS, we provide several ballistic options for effective, natural voice transmission, allowing for effortless communication with …

4 Components of a Successful School Safety Plan

[VIDEO] Four Components of a Successful School Safety Plan


All schools need a firm plan to control access to their facility and protect students and staff in the event of a shooting, weather emergency, or other violent threat. Successful school safety plans focus on these four components: Awareness Training Access Control Physical Security Learn how putting these practices into …

Mobile Barrier Assembly

[VIDEO] VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier Assembly


Our VirusGuard™ – Mobile Barrier is a high quality, acrylic sneeze guard that ships directly to you and can be assembled in minutes. It is designed to be a moveable solution that blocks the spray of bodily fluids such as human sneezes and coughs. This non-bulletproof, mobile barrier can move …

Defender Glass

[VIDEO] TSS DEFENDER Ballistic Protection and Forced Entry Glass Types


DEFENDER glass is an exterior product that offers a permanent solution to preventing forced entry and stopping ballistic attacks. We developed these specialty windows to answer calls from clients for a long-lasting solution that addresses multiple threats with one aesthetically pleasing barrier. DEFENDER glass is ideal for: Schools Corporate offices …

Ballistic Glass: What Are My Choices?

[VIDEO] Ballistic Glass: What Are My Choices?


As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains, “There are many different ballistic glass products out there, all of them are fit for different applications—and most people call all of them ‘bulletproof glass,‘ no matter what they are.” Specifically, there are five types of bulletproof glass commonly sold today. You …

Ballistic Doors

[VIDEO] Ballistic Doors: 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing


When designing and installing bulletproof doors, there are a few critical considerations to keep in mind. Which way will the door swing? What hardware will you need? Is there any extra functionality required, such as electronic access? Senior TSS Sales Consultant, Bob George, goes over our top 5 things to …

The TSS Experience

Security News, Video

 A leader in the bulletproof industry, Total Security Solutions designs, manufactures and installs bullet-resistant products and bullet-resistant barriers nationwide. We focus on customer service, customization, and speed. We believe that details matter, so we make sure to understand the unique specifications and security challenges of your project so you …

Bulletproof Glass Installation

Architects and Contractors: Bulletproof Glass Installation is Finish Work

Architects/Glaziers/General Contractors, Bulletproof Products, Video

Ballistic glass stops bullets, but it’s not absolutely impervious to damage–especially during installation. If installed too early, you run the risk of the ballistic glazing and aluminum frames getting scratched, dinged, or discolored by chemicals. Unlike conventional glass windows, you can’t scrape paint off of a bulletproof window or wipe …