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Energy Efficiency, LEED, and Bullet-Resistant Architecture

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For years there’s been grumbling that bulletproof barriers and LEED architecture are fundamentally incompatible. Simply put: That’s not true. Not only are bullet-resistant materials compatible with LEED standards, but good bullet-resistant design principles are fundamentally aligned with good LEED design principles: Both take a holistic approach in assessing how a …

Bulletproof Glass Testing

Bulletproof Glass Testing

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Glass-Clad Polycarbonate (more commonly known as GCP) is a combination of laminated class and polycarbonate. It can be manufactured to achieve UL levels 1-8. Typically used where optical quality, clean-ability, and long-term retention of properties are important.

Bulletproof Manufacturing Company Tour video

Bulletproof Manufacturing Company Tour

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Total Security Solutions plans, produces, and installs bullet proof barriers that are aesthetically pleasing. We specialize in custom bullet resistant barriers and bandit barriers that fit the design of your work environment,