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Convenience Store eBookWhen you do a quick Google search for convenience store robberies, stories like this pop up almost weekly. At Total Security Solutions, our goal is to offer protection for employees and customers with the installation of bullet resistant barrier systems. The barriers act as a crime deterrent, which makes everything safer for customers and employees alike. Based on our experience in the industry, we have specific recommendations for optimal protection. For instance, if a convenience store is open 24 hours, varying levels of protection are necessary because the threat level will be drastically different in the middle of the night than it is during the daylight hours. To account for this change in security, Total Security Solutions recommends installing a Slider System that can open and close based on the time of day.

We explain the benefits of a Slider System and more in our brand new free eBook: 6 Key Components of a Convenience Store Security Plan.

Understanding that there are other elements necessary for a comprehensive security plan for convenience stores, we also talk about the:

  • Components of a Comprehensive Convenience Store Security Plan
  • Importance of Employee Training
  • Elements of a Successful Bulletproof Glass Barrier
  • Common Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • And More!

We’ve also included a case study describing how we worked with an architect on a new convenience store barrier design and installation project. As always, if you have any questions about how bullet resistant barriers can improve the safety of your business for employees and customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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