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Costumed Pets Raise Funds for Bulletproof K9 Vest

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Dona K9 bulletproof vestKids all over are dressing up in their scariest, funniest and prettiest costumes to celebrate Halloween and collect lots of candy! But last week, it was man’s best friend’s turn to get all dolled up…and for a good cause.

Meet Dona, the newest member of Binghamton, New York’s K9 unit and the only one without a bulletproof vest. The K9s are “very active in many drug investigations, they find lost people, people who wander away, they are amazing, amazing partners.” Because they are exposed to dangerous situations on a regular basis, it is essential for each K9 dog to wear a bulletproof vest. However, the bulletproof vests cost $1,000 each, leaving many cities struggling to afford them.

Bulletproof protection for man’s best friend

Vested Interest in K9s, is  a non-profit devoted to helping these cities by providing vests to thousands of K9s in the United States, and they purchase those vests from a company headquartered right here in Michigan. Armor Express has manufactured 2,000 vests for dogs, donating 50 of them to local K9 units. Patrolmen view their K9 partner as an equal, a love as deep as their own children, and are grateful to protect them as such.

For K9 dogs still in need of a bulletproof vest, like Dona, what better way for a community to raise funds than to come together for a fun event showcasing their own beloved pets! Last week’s pet parade in Johnson City, in which the $5.00 entrance fee went toward purchasing a new bulletproof vest, was a huge success and Dona is now properly protected.


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