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Defining Who We Are Ten Years Later

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Financial Services Ballistic BarrierTen years ago, Jim Richards, along with his father, John Richards, started Total Security Solutions. In that time, we have expanded from a nine-person operation to a staff of twenty-nine, increased the size and space of our manufacturing shop, and grew annual sales by 15% each year.  Jim attributes the company’s growth directly “to the team, from the front office and sales to our shop floor, who work hard every day to build a quality bullet proof glass product. Quality and service are what drive Total Security Solutions forward and past others in our very competitive industry.”

At Total Security Solutions we value innovation, communication, and unsurpassed customer service. We have more than 30 years of experience in the bulletproof glass industry within our walls and we bring that expertise to every project we work on. We take pride in being able to leverage that knowledge base to assess your security needs and create a system that is just right for you. Even though we are proud of the experience we bring to the table, as we’ve grown as a company, our foundation has always been built on exceptional customer service. Here are the core values that define who we are.


Once you get our work order, we will provide you with exactly what we promised, even if the job turns out to be more complicated than originally planned. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it.


Trust and good relationships go a long way. We value you as a partner and are happiest when we know you’re consistently satisfied with the services and products we provide. We build relationships with our customers that everyone enjoys and finds beneficial.


We always strive to provide our best work possible. We realize our jobs are unique, so we come to work passionate about the products and services we provide.


We are a company that cares about the people who work here. We value being able to speak with pride about how we’re growing and evolving as a company.

Total Security Solutions’ benchmark of success is based on our team’s ability to honor all commitments with integrity, build lasting client relationships, and provide the best customer service in our industry. Our experience crosses several bullet resistant industries and while we provide a broad range of capabilities, including risk assessment, engineering, fabrication, and installation/support, our response time ranks among the fastest in the industry. We are geared to respond to your bulletproof needs.

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