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Facility Managers Increase Revenue through Improved Security

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Harris County Police Department Baker JailFacility Managers have a lot to worry about. On the one hand, you need to reduce costs while adding value to every property you manage. On the other, FMs must be diligent about maintenance and safety. Whether the building is a sports arena, a university dormitory, a library, or a light industrial office, the top priority remains the same: life safety.  From poorly lit fire exits to malfunctioning HVAC, liabilities are no joke.  While many variables are within a manager’s control—snow removal, grounds keeping, building maintenance—crime is not.

Heightened Security Is Its Own Insurance

Lawsuits are inevitable, but loss of life can almost certainly be avoided.  By taking solid preventative measures, FMs can safeguard against  injuries and legal actions, as well as lower insurance costs and prevent violence. Whether it’s a full retrofit to install top-of-the-line glass-clad polycarbonate (GCP) glazing, or a more subdued approach of installing ballistic doors with electric strike locks to better control access to sensitive areas, taking a proactive approach to secure your property is a solid investment.

Visible Bullet Resistant Barriers Provide Protection through Deterrence

The number one reason to install bullet resistant barriers isn’t to stop bullets, it’s to deter crime altogether. As they say in the Navy: You don’t have to swim faster than the sharks; you just have to swim faster than the slowest swimmer.  Criminals look for easy targets.  Avoid being the low-hanging fruit.

“It’s rare that this stuff gets shot,” explains Jim Richards, CEO of Total Security Solutions, speaking about the bullet resistant barriers his company installs, “although it does happen from time to time. This truly is an excellent deterrent. Armed robbers typically target a location because that location doesn’t have any kind of visible protection. They don’t want to spend time messing around with someone who’s installed a bullet proof barrier.”

And that extends to burglars: If they glance through the darkened windows and see a bullet resistant barrier, that’s one more barrier between them and the valuables.  They keep walking.

Facility Managers Profit from Improved Security

Taking a security-minded approach brings down overall operational costs. In addition to better insurance rates, a more secure building means less manpower and less damage from attempted forced entry. When disaster strikes, bullet resistant doors and windows can create safe zones—and not just from human attackers. Owing to the strength of the materials, Opaque Armor (a bullet resistant fiberglass) and GCP glazing are two materials that are popular when designing and renovating sites to handle extreme weather events.

Improving security with bullet resistant windows, doors, walls, or counters in key locations is also part of the emergency preparedness and business continuity plan for many tenants.  Knowing that you are prepared to integrate bullet resistant security in their build-out is one more key service you can offer.

Being able to demonstrate familiarity with these materials and applications puts you a cut above the rest—important in so many markets, which are flooded with under-utilized commercial and light industrial space.

Popular and easy-to-retrofit physical security enhancements include:

For more than three decades Total Security Solutions has been designing, fabricating, and installing bullet resistant barriers systems for all manner of office and retail spaces.  TSS security experts will help you navigate new construction or renovations, removing the guesswork and staying within your timeline and budget. Most installations can be completed overnight or, at most, in two days.


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