Increased Bank Robberies Could Result From Open Layout


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There has been much controversy in New York lately over a bill that would mandate all banks to install bandit barriers. TD Bank has been the major opposition to the bill as they seek to create a more welcoming environment without bullet resistant glass separating tellers and customers.

A recent article on stated, “Relaxed bank security — often driven by an attempt to create a friendly atmosphere, without barriers between tellers and customers — can attract robbers.” Connecticut can attest to this statement as it has been the target of a series of bank robberies in which the robbers casually entered a bank and handed over a note demanding money to the teller.

The article also comments on a trend toward robberies in the suburbs as opposed to the major cities stating, “Many [. . .] officials point to the casual, open layout of many suburban banks — like the TD Bank branch in Westport — as a possible factor in the trend.”

Read “In Suburbs, Bank Robbers Like the Layout” by Michael Wilson,

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