Installing a Bullet Proof Transaction Window: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

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Bullet proof transaction windows tend to be the most commonly asked for and purchased item when it comes to bullet resistant products. Upon purchase the most frequently asked question is, “How do I install it?”

While we would love to be able to install every transaction window ourselves, it’s just not economical for either party. Instead Total Security Solutions has came up with a simple three step process for customers to “do it yourself”:

Transaction Window Installation Instruction

Transaction Window Install Instructions

  1. Cut and finished an opening in the wall to accept the unit size. The opening should be ¼” wider and taller than the size of the ordered unit.
  2. Place the pre framed window in the opening, shim as necessary, assuring that the item is level and in the correct position desired. Attach the sides to the existing wall with the provided screws (use anchors if the wall is masonry).
  3. Apply trim, molding that can be obtained locally, around the window and your project is finished.

Bullet proof transaction windows come in UL protection levels 1-3 and several different types (such as the baffle and arched voice port). All of Total Security Solutions transaction windows come with a full installation packet which includes the instructions, hardware, caulk, glass cleaner and towels to clean the glass. For more information on transaction windows visit our website or call 866-930-7807.

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