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It Is Never Too Late to Improve School Security

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School EntranceSummer is construction season, especially for schools, which take advantage of fair weather and decreased building use to complete renovations and improvements. Now that the weather has turned brisk and school is back in session, it may seem like it is too late for a security retrofit. The good news is: late is never too late.

As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains, “Yes, we see most of the work come in the summer because schools have the most amount of flexibility and the least amount of hassle. But it’s really no different than any other construction: People still build buildings in the winter,” and Total Security Solutions can efficiently install bullet resistant school barrier systems during evenings, weekends and school breaks.

Parents Crave Reassurance that Their Schools Can Keep Students Safe

Security at schools is a constant concern to parents and administrators, now more than ever. Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, TIME magazine reported that the wide range of school safety protocols across the United States makes it hard for parents to feel confident that their kids are safe.  Bonnie Rochman specifically stated, “In the U.S., there are more than 13,000 [districts] so it stands to reason that policies vary widely, even within states. Some states, such as Florida, check visitors’ IDs against a national database of sex offenders . . . . Many districts, including Seattle, don’t check IDs at all.”

Bulletproof glass and bullet resistant barriers are one element to bringing families peace of mind, because they clearly and visibly illustrate that their school is doing everything it can to keep students safe. A buzz-thru bullet proof vestibule system can be an effective way to increase school security and bolster confidence in the community.  Further, just the presence of the barrier sends a strong message – one that causes troublemakers to think twice.

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Total Security Solutions Can Make a Tough Schedule Work

What many school and municipal administrators may not realize is that a bulletproof glass system can be installed any time of the year with minimal disruption to the building’s daytime schedule.  Companies like Total Security Solutions take great care to ensure that every step in the process contributes to a smooth installation–long before installers set foot on school grounds. This includes careful assessment of customer’s needs, and precise site measurements throughout the design and fabrication process.

The final installation for most projects can be accomplished over the course of a weekend, or even overnight.  This installation can be performed by any licensed professional–with the support of Total Security Solutions’ staff, if needed–or by Total Security Solutions’ own team.

Customized Installations Are About Value, Not Expense

Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains in the following video why custom installation is so important when it comes to bullet proof glass retrofits:

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