Long Island Senator Calls for Tougher Security Against Pharmacy Robberies


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An article on LongIslandPress.com reported on Senator Charles Schumer’s plan to increase security after a second fatal pharmacy robbery on Long Island in 2011.

The first incident occurred in June 2011 when “David Laffer shot and killed four people before walking out with thousands of prescription drugs.” In December 2011, a suspect, as well as an off-duty federal agent, were shot and killed after a robbery at a Seaford Pharmacy.

Schumer’s plan calls for “tighter security at small drug stores, better collaboration between local police and federal authorities and increasing the punishment for pharmacy robberies in order to stem the crisis.” He “recommended that pharmacies equip their shops with silent alarms, timed safes and bullet-proof glass that separate the customer from the pharmacist.”

The agent in charge advised pharmacy owners not to confront a robber as they are usually armed. They simply want to get in, get the drugs and get back out as quickly as possible.

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