Modern Marvels features Total Security Solutions in upcoming episode on Bank Security and Bullet Proof Glass Barriers

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The crew of Modern Marvels, a History channel documentary show, spent a day at Total Security Solutions’ facility in Fowlerville, Michigan filming and conducting interviews for an upcoming special on bank security. The episode will address all aspects of bank security, but Total Security Solutions will be the only company featured in the field of bulletproof glass.

Jim Richards, the Vice President of Total Security Solutions, spent Monday, May 18th showing the Modern Marvels crew around their facility and walking them through the bullet proof glass barrier manufacturing process. Jim discussed the most common bullet resistant barriers, including arch window and baffle window systems.

Total Security Solutions also demonstrated how a bullet resistant barrier system goes from a single sheet of bullet resistant transparency – either acrylic, polycarbonate, glass-clad polycarbonate or bullet proof glass – to a complete bullet resistant barrier. Using a computer-driven manufacturing process, Total Security Solutions is able to take a precise architectural CAD drawing and output all the required system components to their exact specifications.

Modern Marvels focuses on technology, the history behind it, and how it is used in today’s society. The bank security episode is scheduled to air in October/November 2009.

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