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Municipal and Police Station Bulletproof: Protecting Non-Sworn Staff

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Police_Station_BarrierLaw enforcement is dangerous work, and not everyone working in a police station is trained to cope with these situations. People working in law enforcement are almost 40 times more likely than average to be assaulted in a given year, but roughly 1 in 7 law enforcement workers are not sworn officers. These civilian workers answer the phones, fix the pipes, keep the computers running, and perform the countless vital daily tasks that keep the lights on. Citizens rarely think twice about these non-sworn public servants, but their safety is foremost on the mind of officers, administrators, and police officials.

Police Station Reception Areas Need Bullet Proof Barriers

In 2011 Detroit had an especially graphic reminder of the vulnerability of many police stations, when a shooter entered the 6th precinct. Although the reporting of that incident focused on the four sworn officers who were injured while subduing the assailant, this briefing makes clear that non-sworn staff were on hand, and lucky to escape with their lives:

(The unedited footage, narrated by then Assistant Police Chief Chester Logan, starts at around the 2:27 mark)

Municipal Bullet Proof Systems Prevent Attacks

Total Security Solutions sales manager Bob George has worked with many police stations on their customized bullet proof barriers. From high-traffic precincts in the urban core to sleepy police stations in rural America, the concerns are the same: Protecting citizens, including their civilian support staff.

“It’s scary, sometimes, the kinds of situations that these people are in,” Bob says. “Officers are acutely aware of that. Even in rural areas, I hear guys say, ‘You know, we don’t have much happen out here, but we have our girl working out here in reception, and we want to make sure it’s safe.'”

Even more important than a barrier’s bullet stopping power is its ability to deter violent outbursts altogether. Customized systems with excellent fit and finish demand respect. Visitors to police stations are often unhappy to be there: Arrestees, victims, family members, the mentally ill, and those under the influence of drugs and alcohol all run the risk of sudden violent outbursts. Even out in the boonies, where “not much happens,” situations can escalate from routine to dire in an instant.

A well-designed, modern bullet proof barrier doesn’t just stop bullets: It prevents and contain altercations, controls access, and channels regular citizens to the appropriate staff with minimal fuss.

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