school security windows

Easy-Care, Durable School Security Windows

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Total Security Solutions market segment leader Rick Reid recently received these photos from a school in Florida, showing the condition of their security windows.             What happened to these windows? Most people assume that this glass is decades old and deeply scratched. Maybe someone gouged …

School Building door with heavy duty barricade lock

The Dangers of School Door Barricades


Door barricades are an attractive solution: For just a few thousand dollars a school can outfit every single classroom with a door barricade that’s easy to activate and renders the room virtually impenetrable. They can be installed quickly, without disrupting school activities. And most importantly in many communities—where armed guards …

new smartphone apps can simplify access control and reduce costs associated with more traditional card reader technologies and their popularity is growing fast.

Can Smartphone Access Control Apps Improve Security?

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We use our smartphones to shop, pay bills, start our cars, turn up the AC – you name it. So why not use smartphones for access control in the workplace? Like it or not, smartphones are pervasive in American culture. A Pew Research report showed 81% of Americans now own a smartphone, …

As a growing number of districts consider digital surveillance systems, skeptics also raise concerns that misinterpreted data could result in too many false positives.

School Safety & Privacy Under Digital Surveillance Systems


Are students safer in school districts that watch their every move on social media? Some schools have started using digital surveillance systems to monitor students’ social media posts. This has prompted privacy advocates to question administrators about the responsible use of social media monitoring tools. As a growing number of …