Which security features and systems for corporate buildings are totally overrated and which are worth the investment?

Best Corporate Security Solutions in 2020: “Underrated or Overrated?”


Bernie Youngblood, Director of Marketing at Detection Systems and Engineering, started working in security decades ago. Back then he was responsible for the development and execution of a national program for a CCTV camera manufacturer. A lot has changed in that time—especially technologically—but the basic need for corporate security has …

There are three key corporate security threat and safety trends that need your attention in 2020.

Corporate Security: Trends For 2020


Corporate security is widely—and wildly—neglected. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that workplace shootings are now 30 times more common than building fires. The bulk of mass shootings occur at a workplace, but only about 20 percent are adequately prepared for an active shooter incident. “They all take it …

Every business faces challenges that establish its unique security needs and objectives. Have a security site assessment, get key stakeholders aligned, understand UL Levels of bulletproof glass and research the different components of a ballistic barrier before bulletproofing corporate offices.

What To Do Before Bulletproofing Corporate Offices


Every business faces challenges that establish its unique security needs and objectives. Some organizations will focus on high-tech upgrades like biometric access control devices and visitor management systems. Others will focus on low-tech options like bulletproof glass. If you’re like most, you’ll be looking at a combination of both. To …

school security requirements vary from state to state; it's important to know what you state requires of your district.

What Are Your State’s School Security Requirements?


  For school administrators, safety planning means more than staying on top of the latest security trends. You have to address community expectations, deal with budget constraints and, just as important, satisfy your state’s required school security systems. Does your state require a formal school safety plan? Do you need …

physical security best practices are often an afterthought or not thought about at all; understanding corporate security best practices can help you develop a better approach to being prepared and protecting your employees and visitors.

Corporate Security Best Practices


In most business settings, physical security is either absent or insufficient. “Since nothing has happened,” explains T.J. McComas, a physical security specialist and founder of Bastion Security Group, “the conclusion is that the security works. But, in many cases, it isn’t that the security works, it’s just that they’ve been …

Businesses are looking at safety procedures and training including corporate active shooter training to be more prepared for an incident.

5-Minute Safety Topic: Corporate Active Shooter Training


Corporate offices are among the locations most susceptible to gun violence—and least prepared to respond effectively. In America, violent crime has steadily declined since the 1990s. But the workplace has proven to be an anomaly: Workplace shootings are on the rise. Today, the bulk of American active shooters attack places of …

The five most common types of bulletproof glass are traditional laminated glass, insulated ballistic glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and glass-clad polycarbonate.

The 5 Types of Bulletproof Glass Used Today

Bulletproof Products

As Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains, “There are many different ballistic glass products out there, all of them are fit for different applications—and most people call all of them ‘bulletproof glass,‘ no matter what they are.” Specifically, there are five types of bulletproof glass commonly sold today. You …