If it can stop a bullet

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A great video from ABC13 in Houston proves that if it can stop a bullet, someone who tries to smash through a window that’s made of bulletproof glass has zero chance of getting through. Check out the video of a man trying to escape through a bulletproof window Courthouses are …

Tougher than bulletproof?

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We’re usually all about bulletproof glass and its myriad uses, but this recent news story caught our attention. We think 11 year-old Pietro Pellerito of neighboring Washington Township is the pinnacle of tough! As reported in the Great Lakes IT Report, Pietro learned he had a brain tumor the week …

President Obama Ditches Bulletproof for Volt

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Recently, President Obama drove a Chevy Volt. The Volt, a new production electric vehicle, is only the second car that Obama has driven since heading to the Oval Office. Presidents are no strangers to top level security details and protection. In fact, Obama’s usual ride is a bulletproof, armored vehicle …

Mona Lisa Bulletproof Shield

Mona Lisa Gets Summer Vacation from Bulletproof Case

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One of the world’s most famous women was let out of her bulletproof case this week: The Mona Lisa. The Economist has an interesting article that offers insight on what happens when she’s let out of her bullet proof case annually. Housed at The Louvre in Paris, DaVinci’s masterpiece has …

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Security Glass

How does bulletproof glass work?

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Our website is full of great information on bulletproof glass, but we still get asked (often) how our glass works. We don’t want to bore you with all of the details, but did find this nifty explanation of the process on HowStuffWorks. Keep your eyes peeled for the “Keep Out” …

Bullet Proof Sound?

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Harman Kardon, renowned experts in the audiophile world, recently unveiled desktop speakers that are made from bulletproof glass.  The speakers can be connected to any device that has a 3.5mm (1/8 in.) output. Not only are these speakers a really artistic addition to your sound system, you can rest assured …