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Partnering with Architects to Make BulletProof Beautiful

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Harris County Police Department Baker JailWhat a joy for architects to land a project they can sink their teeth into, finding that sweet spot between functionality and beauty. Unconventional materials, like bulletproof glass, can also be an exciting challenge to work with. But it’s frustrating to watch a project slip, your design distorted under the weight of missed schedules, unfulfilled commitments, and change orders.

TSS Offers More than Bulletproof Glass

There is nothing that will drive a project off its tracks like uncoordinated trades. One team is late in finishing, the next decides to try and cram in a rush job while they wait and then they’re inevitably not ready when it is their turn—it’s a vicious and costly cycle. Specialty trades are often among the worst offenders.

“I’ve seen at first hand how frustrating that is,” Total Security Solutions CEO Jim Richards explains, “Which is why we make a point to keep every part of our process strictly on schedule, and to work closely with architects to come up with designs that can be installed quickly and smoothly—even overnight.”

TSS knows where the trouble spots are likely to hit with coordinating trades. We can help establish a realistic schedule for coordinating trades on your building project, and give valuable advice about the order of trades (which can be a bit more complicated when you start working in barrier systems).

“We’re working on getting architects to contact us sooner, rather than later, in the project,” Jim adds. “It just saves them so much trouble if they talk through both the design and the build process in advance.”

Among other assistance, TSS is happy to help with drawings, submittals, and any specifications you need to share with a client or prepare plans.

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TSS Does Beautiful, Functional Work

TSS engineers are happy to walk you through every design consideration, and give you a realistic assessment of how expensive and difficult a concept will be to execute, given manufacturing realities, material weight, and our advanced fabrication capabilities. We have more than a few tricks for managing HVAC design around a bullet resistant system, containing costs, building flexibility into a system, or finding design alternatives that lower costs, save time, or better integrate every system in the building. TSS is also sensitive to sustainability and LEED issues, and happy to make recommendations on how bullet resistant materials can support sustainable design. Ultimately, architects like working with TSS because we design, fabricate, and install beautiful custom systems with a tight fit and finish that wow clients. We do that by making the architect’s life easier:

The Specialty Price Tag of Bulletproof Glass

Jim knows that there is some sticker shock for clients new to bulletproof materials and systems. “Clients often can’t fathom that this material is at least double what normal glass costs. Depending on the scope of work, it can climb from there to three times, even five times more.” Financial constraints will always exist, but they don’t have to hurt as much if you go into a project knowing what to expect, and how to prepare clients for that.

TSS believes in treating every project as custom, because each client and each site has different needs. From a gas station buying off-the-shelf transaction windows to a high-end bank with a slick, unique interior build out, TSS takes the time to make sure every system we sell will work and is installed correctly (especially if it’s installed by third-party contractors, instead of our team). Working in this fashion, we are assured of a no-surprises, low-drama project.

Our Architect Resource Center includes plenty of information to get you started: specs and cut sheets, CAD elements, videos, and more.


architects resource kit

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