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Hospitals with Bulletproof GlassA recent fatal stabbing at an Indiana hospital brought the issue of increased violence in hospitals back to the forefront. A 2010 survey conducted by the International Association for Healthcare Security (which includes more than 200 hospitals and specifically asks about violent incidences) found in-hospital crimes rising across the board, with a total of 3,380 assaults in 2009 alone. This trend continued in 2012, with 98 percent of the healthcare facilities surveyed having experienced violence and criminal incidents.

Hospitals Need Around-the-Clock Protection

Hospitals are an especially risky work environment due to their 24-hour access.  In addition, the increased use of hospitals to handle mental health patients who otherwise cannot find treatment, and law enforcement use of hospitalization to contain aggressive and intoxicated individuals has added additional elements of risk to the equation.

Since 2004, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recommended that hospitals install shatter-proof and bullet resistant windows at nurses’ stations, in reception, and in triage and admitting areas.

Key recommendations for improving hospital security includes:

  • Replacing main entryways with bulletproof glass and ballistic doors
  • Installing Bullet Resistant Barriers at nurse stations, admissions, reception and administration areas, hospital pharmacies, and the ER
  • Installing a stand-alone fixed barrier system for a guard to manage who can enter the hospital

Seamless Barrier Installation

When retrofitting a hospital with a ballistic barrier, it’s important to get a bulletproof glass professional involved early on in the project. They will be able to anticipate any potential design and installation issues which can be avoided, therefore saving you time and money. If you’re ready to take the next step or have questions about getting started, call one of our knowledgeable sales staff a call at 1.800.513.1468.

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