Rotary Package Processor

Bulletproof Products, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

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Rotary Package Processor

Rotary Package Processor from Total Security Solutions

Like the PE Package Passer (See last week’s blog) the Rotary Package Processor is a great option for convenience stores. However, unlike the PE, the Rotary Package Processor is the perfect option for fast food operations, restaurants and gas stations. This type of Package Processor allows many different (and larger) sized items to be passed back and forth between customers and employees. Like the PE, the Rotary Package Processor is only accessible from one side at a time, meaning that there is not breech possibility

The Rotary Package Processor has many features that are available as well, things such as additional locking mechanisms, integral cash tray protective barriers and three different levels of protection. The Rotary Package Passer comes in one standard size (Box OD 18″ W x 20″ H x 14″ D) as well as custom sizes per customer request and is available in three levels of protection.

For more information on Rotary Package Passers including available sizes and levels of protection click here.

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