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3 Reasons to Complete School Security Upgrades Over Summer Break

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Bulletproof EntrywayThe time most students wait for every year is inching closer. That’s right, school’s almost out for summer! While the kids are excited, so are the school’s administrative staff, even if it’s for a completely different reason — they can now start working on improving their building over the summer without disrupting the educational process. Structural improvements can include anything from painting to upgrading the school’s pool. These days though, in the wake of recent school shootings, it’s prudent for school administrators and security liaisons to consider having bullet resistant barriers installed as part of the school’s summer upgrade plan as well.

With summer vacation less than two months away, the sales team at Total Security Solutions has experienced an increase in calls regarding planning for summer school security upgrades.

3 Reasons to Install a School’s Bullet Resistant Barrier in the Summer

  1. Avoid disturbing the flow of education: Installing a barrier during the school year offers up one practical concern: disturbing the educational process. Any major construction will include loud noises, the need to block off hallways and entrances, and a mess. Doing this during the school year will disrupt your entire school, which could have a negative effect on the students, faculty, and staff. You will avoid this issue completely by installing a bullet resistant barrier over the summer.

  2. Minimize your students’ safety concerns: Even in the wake of the recent school shootings, students feel inherently safe at school. They go there to learn, interact with friends and peers, and maybe participate in an extracurricular or two. If they were to see you having a security barrier installed during school hours, it may cause them to second guess their sense of security. Remember, a large majority of bulletproof glass installations never get shot at, so it’s really being installed for peace of mind and an extra level of security. There’s no need to make everyone uncomfortable, so it’s best to undertake a job like this over the summer. Since an experienced bullet resistant barrier expert will help design a system that matches your building’s aesthetic, if you install when the students are away, they may never realize there’s bulletproof glass in their school.

  3. Complete the job more quickly: This reason may seem obvious, but it’s important to mention it. Without the need to worry about disturbing students and teachers in class on a daily basis, you can have an install team put together the new system quickly, efficiently, and with no outside restrictions or interference.

The closer summer comes, the harder it will be to get a bulletproof glass expert who is available to help you design your project from the beginning. That’s why if a bullet resistant barrier system is in your district’s budget, it makes sense to get help immediately from an expert to ensure a superior product and customer service.

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