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School Security Webinar Replay – How to Secure Schools With Bulletproof Glass

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School EntranceIt’s been six months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and now that schools across the country are entering the summer vacation period, the focus on securing schools in back in the news again. In a recent post on CNN’s School’s of Thought blog, CNN writer Paul Caron discusses the steps school districts across the country are taking to make their schools more secure. Everything from locked doors to redesigned entryways are discussed. One element left out of the overall conversation is bulletproof glass. Dismissed as “too expensive,” some new designs call for glass hallways for more visibility.

Designing a Viable Bullet Resistant Barrier for Schools

The engineers at Total Security Solutions agree that bulletproof glass is not a viable, or economical, solution for interior installations, however it should definitely be considered for building entry and exit points, as well as in administration areas. In all of the recent school shootings, the perpetrator walked through the front door, so locking mechanisms and buzzers should also be incorporated into any fortified entrance design.

Educating School Officials About Bulletproof Glass

Watch our School Security WebinarWhen speaking with people on the phone about making schools secure, it’s become clear to us that there is a lot of confusion over what is actually needed to secure a school. That is why we created a School Security Resource Center filled with informational blog posts, checklists, and other free content offerings. It’s important to us that you understand how a bullet resistant barrier can enhance the safety of your school. Without that understanding, it’s very possible you may end up going over budget on your project. It’s also important to realize that using something like a bullet resistant barrier is only one part of a comprehensive school security plan. We recommend working with qualified security personnel to make the appropriate recommendations for your school.

Because of some of the confusion out there, we recently hosted a School Security Webinar where we discussed some of the Fundamentals of School Security. Total Security Solutions Vice President Jim Richards offered up his expertise on the subject To make sure everyone has a chance to listen to our presentation, we recorded Jim’s 45 minute webinar and are making it available to everyone. If you’re interested in viewing the presentation, click here.

By Watching the Webinar Recording, You’ll Learn About:

  • Challenges schools face regarding security

  • Complications that can arise if you’re not properly educated about bullet resistant barriers

  • How to assess if your school needs a bullet resistant barrier

  • Barrier installation considerations

  • Elements of a successful school security barrier

  • When to install a barrier in a school

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