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What Separates Us From the Rest of the Bulletproof Barrier Industry

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At Total Security Solutions, our goal with every bulletproof barrier we work on is to deliver a system that is safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. From high security government facilities, to local convenience stores, we provide the industry knowledge and quality product necessary to complete the installation on time and on budget. What separates us from the rest of the industry is our ability to:

  • accurately assess your security needs,
  • design a multi-material system that provides the exact level of bullet resistant security you need, and
  • craft these various materials into a system that works with your corporate culture as it is expressed in the design/decor of your work environment.

We take an extremely hands-on approach and work with individuals who have a need for custom security barrier systems for their buildings. The three stages in our process – Planning, Production, and Installation –  are geared toward delivering the best results and safety options for our clients, while also saving them time and money.

Total Security Solutions' 3-Step Process

Our experience crosses several bullet resistant industries and while we provide a broad range of capabilities, including risk assessment, engineering, fabrication, and installation/support, our response time ranks among the fastest in the industry. We are geared to respond to your bulletproof needs. We recognize there is no “one size fits all” solution, especially when it comes to protecting your business investment, your company’s future, and, most importantly, the lives and welfare of staff and customers.

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